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Maverick Syndrome - Poker Article

A syndrome has been identified in the poker playing community called the 'Maverick Syndrome'. It's the playing style of poker player's around the world who think they play better than they actually do to the point that they become unreasonable about their play. They are the ones that try crazy card moves that 'stupefy' opponents and more often then not play at games that are heads-up and short-handed. These types of players love the limit games where they won't lose all of their money if they back a move that proves to be a bad choice.

Shorthanded games usually have a high rake, but they are great for players who are looking for opponents who make themselves play worse and are more vulnerable to making more bets. Why? Because players with Maverick Syndrome tend to play aggressive and while aggressive play is usually better than passive play, thoughtless aggression against a skilled opponent - and we're not talking full blown poker pros but someone who knows how to play - can be their doom.

Regular poker players, however, need to be careful that they don't start to play aggressive simply to beat out the Maverick's. That's the quickest way to become afflicted with Maverick Syndrome themselves. Exploiting these aggressive players, however, is a whole different story. To win at poker, players need get themselves into a mathematically favorable situation over and over again. They need to create an edge for themselves and exploiting an aggressive, Maverick Syndrome's players stupidity is one way to gain an edge.

6-handed Texas Hold'Em poker games are filled with players like this. They tend to be out of control, or 'on tilt'. They want to win more hands than they lose, but ultimately lose more hands than they win. All their opponents need to do is sit back and let them make their flamboyant moves that sink them. Of course, ego is part of a Maverick player's psyche, but the big clincher is the idea that they think they must be aggressive to win. Not everyone can pull off a move these Maverick Syndrome player's see poker pros play on television. They're just aggressive enough to try it.

The average poker player should go ahead and play to the best of their own ability. This will simply encourage players with Maverick Syndrome to keep throwing their chips into the pot in an effort to win a hand they probably should've folded long ago. They won't realize that you are playing your strengths and exploiting their weakness. They'll be too self-absorbed with their own slick moves to realize that they have blundered into your carefully devised trap. 
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